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Gas Data Ltd designs and manufactures an extensive range of world leading portable and fixed gas analysis instrumentation for a wide range of applications. Whether you are operating an anaerobic digestion plant, managing a landfill site or controlling a gasification project, Gas Data Ltd has a gas analysis system than can help you.

Announcing the Gas Data GFM436

Gas Data Ltd. are pleased to announce the launch of their latest portable gas analyser – the GFM436 – which has been designed specifically for monitoring and analysing soil gas parameters during site investigations of greenfield sites, brownfield sites and land affected by landfill operations or other industrial contamination.

Visit the GFM436 product page for more details.

Portable Gas Analysis

Our GFM series is a comprehensive range of portable hand-held analysers, for analysis of a broad range of gases. They can also measure other related parameters such as gas flow, gas temperature and pressures.

The GFM series is available with ATEX and Mcert certification on specific models. These portable analysers are highly effective across a variety of gas analysis applications including:

Landfill Gas Biogas Biomethane
Gasification Security Odour Monitoring


Modular (Fixed Site) Gas Analysis

Gas Data’s Click! System is designed to deliver highly accurate continuous sampling gas analysis as part of process control or environmental  management systems. It supports many industry standard protocols such as Modbus and Profi-bus dp and can be linked to mobile networks for remote telemetry.

The Click! System is highly modular which simplifies maintenance, allows fast problem diagnosis and minimises down time at your installation. The system is used in applications such as; Biogas, Biomethane, Gasification and Odour Monitoring.

Instrumentation service and calibration

Gas Data supports all sales with instrumentation service, calibration and maintenance to ensure that owners receive the best performance from their instruments.  As long as parts are still available you can be sure that Gas Data will continue to service your device.

Check out our website for more information about our service and recalibration or call our service team today on +44(0) 247 630 3311 or via email:

Featured Products


Biogas Analyser

The Gas Data GFM416 has been designed for analysis of all biogas components in one single handheld instrument.

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Reaseheath College

Gas Data Ltd is taking part in a project with Reaseheath College, in Cheshire, to assess the viability and use of an anaerobic digestion plant on a small scale agricultural site.

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