Biogas Monitoring and Analysis

biogas production monitoring and analysis Many organic materials can be converted from solid or liquid form to a mix of gases by introducing the correct bacteria and creating the optimum growth conditions. This process is very similar to that of an animal’s digestive system and so the the most common method of producing Biogas is that of anaerobic digestion.

The term anaerobic indicates the absence of oxygen in the process, which is deliberate because the optimum production of Biogas is achieved by bacteria that multiply best in these conditions. The process will also be maintained at a temperature of 35 Celsius, which is no coincidence as it is recognisable as typical normal body temperature for warm-blooded animals who depend upon bacterial activity to break down food for nutrition.

Biogas plants typically demand that the process is monitored at several places. For example: at the outputs of the digesters, from the hydrolosis tank,and pre and post desulphurisation. Measurement of the rate and quantity of biogas being generated by the plant is also vitally important.

How can Gas Data’s gas monitoring help?

Gas Data’s GFM406 biogas analyser has been specifically designed for biogas monitoring and analysis. This instrument is lightweight, hand-held and very easy to use. As standard the GFM406 will measure the 4 main gases present within biogas. It is perfect for small scale anaerobic digestion plants or as a secondary analytical measure on large biogas plants.

If you require constant biogas monitoring the Gas Data Click! System offers fixed site multi-sampling-point analysis. The Click! System can be custom built to meet each users requirements and offers; analysis of numerous gases, customer specific outputs to control systems, online telemetry data and an unlimited number of sample points using just one gas analyser.

Gas Data is proud to have the Click! System monitoring biogas on the UK’s biggest biogas production plants and other biogas plants around the World.

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