Biomethane is a cleaned version of biogas that is the equivalent of natural gas.

After organic material has been broken down in the anaerobic digestion process to form biogas, it is put through a purification process to reduce levels of Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen Sulphide and Oxygen. Biomethane will typically consist of of 95% Methane, less than 0.5% oxygen and less than 10ppm of hydrogen sulphide. After upgrading to biomethane it is now commercially comparable with natural gas and can be injected into the grid for general everyday use.

How can Gas Data’s gas monitoring help?

Gas Data has developed a gas analyser that is modest in size and highly cost effective compared to traditional biomethane analysing methods.

The Click! System is a fixed analyser designed to provide accurate management control of the gas to grid process.  The Click! System sensor modules are configured to run in a continuous monitoring mode, so that a response time of 30 seconds or less can be achieved.

Each Click! system is built to meet the specific needs of your project but uses Gas Data’s modular design and build approach. This allows maintenance to be done quickly and also minimizes operational downtime.  Users can have specific outputs such as 4-20mA, PROFIBUS and many more from the analyser to help with the timed release of gas for upgrading.  The Click! system can have an unlimited number of sample points allowing it to analyse gas from all of the key points throughout the process.

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