Syngas Production

The gas produced by a gasification plant is a mix of carbon monoxide, hydrogen, methane, carbon dioxide and nitrogen plus small quantities of impurities such as heavy hydrocarbons (tar), hydrogen sulphide and ammonia. This gas is commonly referred to as ‘Synthetic Gas’ or ‘Syngas’.

To control the plant efficiently and allow it to process different input material, the composition of the syngas must be monitored. Additionally, the main part of the process must operate with near zero oxygen and often this component is monitored by one or possibly two independent analysers that can trigger the safe shut down of the gasification plant if safe levels of oxygen are exceeded.

How can Gas Data’s gas monitoring help?

Gasification is a rapidly growing sector and Gas Data has been developing sampling and analysis options to keep pace.  Following successful testing and implementation at a client site Gas Data now produces standard Click! System modules specifically for syngas applications. Combined with in-house and thermal conductivity flow metering options Gas Data is strongly positioned to ensure CHP efficiency and and monitor OFGEM compliance.

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