Landfill Gas Monitoring & Analysis

Landfill gas monitoring and analysisThe disposal of large quantities of organic waste in landfill sites such as land voids – typically disused quarries, sand pits, gravel pits and open cast mine workings – leads to a natural process of degradation caused by the bacteria contained within it. In particular, bacteria that thrive on the oxygen depleted conditions found deep within the waste convert the material from solid or liquid form to a mix of gases containing approximately 60% methane and 40% carbon dioxide, along with significant quantities of water.

This process was largely ignored historically, and the gases produced simply escaped into the air. However the methane containing gas is highly flammable and detrimental to plant growth and in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s these dangers and environmental hazards were finally recognised. This lead to the environmental laws and regulations that control the operation of the now highly- organised and engineered landfill waste disposal sites of today.

Not only are the hazards associated with the gas now well controlled but all commercially viable opportunities are taken to harness the gas as a renewable source of heat and electricity.

How can Gas Data’s gas monitoring help?

Gas Data have a variety of solutions for landfill gas monitoring and analysis.

The Gas Data GFM436 is an ATEX accredited portable gas analyser capable of analysing up to 6 gases, and the GFM426 provides pressure and flow monitoring and analysis, and data logger capability for landfill gas extraction systems.

If fixed gas analysis is needed for 24/7 monitoring then Gas Data’s Click! System offers a technologically advanced solution. With Gas Data’s modular gas analysis approach, the Click! system is built specifically for the particular landfill application. The Click! System can have user specific outputs to help control CHP engines or monitor the timed burning of landfill gas through a stack.

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