Odour Monitoring and Measurement

Odour Emissions and Removal

The handling and treatment of waste water and other organic material can very often cause the emission of offensive odours into the environment. The odours are predominantly caused by hydrogen sulphide (H2S) gas, which is detected by the human nose as a strong odour even when levels are only a few parts per million or less.

There are many techniques used within the industry to control or remove this gas but almost all of them require the injection of expensive chemical neutralisers and/or the use of energy to pump the odorous air into a chemical scrubbing system. Whatever the method used, it is critical that the process is run efficiently and economically. This can only be done by making gas measurements both before and after the treatment process.

How can Gas Data’s odour monitoring capability help?

Gas Data provide two solutions for odour monitoring.

If a portable gas analyser is needed then the Gas Data GFM406 can be configured to measure 1 or several specific gases. GFM406 gas analysers are lightweight, robust, user friendly and highly accurate.  The instrument is built to ATEX standards allowing detailed gas analysis to take place in Zone 1 or Zone 2 work areas.

For more complex odour monitoring applications the Gas Data Click! System has the technical capability to deliver where other conventional gas analysis instruments can not. The Click! System is a fully modular gas analyser, so can be custom built to particular requirements for a specific site. If and when maintenance is required it can be done very easily and fast, meaning minimal operational downtime.

Where odour monitoring needs to be highly accurate the Click! System can measure to as low as 10 parts per billion

To control the odour removal process the Click! System can provide control signals directly. To create the signal the Click! System applies a standard control algorithm to the results of the gas analysis plus any other plant signals such as temperature, sludge flow rate, and dry solid content. Through the front panel the user can adjust generic control parameters such as gains and integration periods to achieve steady-state control of the plant with low odours and minimal use of consumables.

The Click! system can also have remote telemetry within it providing data 24/7 that can be viewed from anywhere in the world using a PC, Tablet or Smartphone device.

The Gas Data Click! System has helped many odour control projects across the UK to reduce costs and made complex analysis situations simple.

To discuss your odour monitoring requirements call our support team today on +44(0) 247 630 3311 or via email: sales@gasdata.co.uk.