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goodman-bentley-logoGoodman Bentley is a leading supplier of security and safety equipment to a wide range of organisations. Its international client base include:

  • Border control
  • Search and rescue services
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Various branches of the military
  • Prison services
CO2 Hidden Person Detector

Goodman Bentley’s clients need equipment for life or death situations where accuracy, durability and reliability are absolutely essential. The GFM226 Carbon Dioxide detector has, in its standard form, been successfully used in a variety of security functions. Goodman Bentley has worked with Gas Data to create two specialist variations that meet the specific needs of its customer base.

The addition of an under-door and a long lance probe to the GFM226 analyser package has created theCO2 Hidden Person Detector. This is used in search and rescue deployments as well as formilitaryandlaw enforcement. Thedetector can be used, for instance, to check if people are hidden in rooms or vehicles, which can significantly reduce the risk of injury to troops or policemen.

CO2 detection of trapped humans using peardrop probeA second specialist product is the CO2 Pear Drop Rescue Probe. This is is used by a number of rescue organisations in disaster zones to search for people buried in, for instance, earthquakes or mining accidents. A specially designed weighted probe can reach up to 25m to recover gas samples which can then be analysed on the spot by the sophisticated sensors in the GFM225. The ability to provide accurate CO2 readings in the field has been an important part of a number of rescue operations.

According to Gil Boyd, Goodman Bentleys Operations Director, choosing the GFM226is easy:

The GFM226 is the best CO2 detector in the world for the price. The accuracy of its sensors gives my clients real peace of mind in potentially dangerous circumstances, and it can be used straight out of the box without lengthy training.

Visit the Goodman Bentley website for more information on the CO2 Hidden Person Detector and thethe CO2 Pear Drop Rescue Probe.

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