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Case study: Waste to Energy ITI Energy

As the renewable energy market in the UK matures, Gas Data is creating new models to respond to market changes and is providing equipment for some of the first waste to energy projects in the UK.

Gasification of waste is a very new process in this country although it is more widely used on the Continent. Following successful testing and implementation at a site two years ago, Gas Data now produces standard modules for synthetic gas (‘syngas’) applications.

Gas Data has supplied ITI Energy with a Click! System gas monitoring system for its  gasification technologyITI Energy manufactures a compact and highly efficient thermal conversion technology based on a patented advanced gasification design. Combined with the most up to date, commercially available gas clean-up systems the technology generates syngas that is clean enough to fuel an internal combustion engine.

Click! System enhances the commercial viability of gasificationDr Andrea Jordan, ITI Energy’s Innovative Engineering and Research manager, says:

“We need to measure accurately the gases produced in the process to ensure optimum production of carbon monoxide, hydrogen and methane so as to ensure maximum power output by the engine. We chose the Gas Data Click! System for two main reasons: its accuracy and the fact that the information is available quickly with limited down time for servicing.”

The Click! System offers analysis of eight different gases appropriate in gasification including; hydrogen, methane, carbon monoxide, oxygen and sulphur dioxide. Its modular design means that when one component comes to the end of its working life it can be removed easily or repaired quickly and efficiently. Customers benefit from a more cost effective operation as they have less down time. The Gas Data equipment also enables measurement of related parameters such as gas flow rates, temperatures and pressures.

From Dr Jordan’s perspective the Click! System has a positive financial impact:

“The technology provides highly accurate analysis in real time which is essential when balancing the gas composition to power the engine. The engine is a very sensitive piece of equipment and we need to respond rapidly when there are changes, to ensure profitability. If there is deterioration then the calorific value of the output falls which would have a negative commercial impact. Any down time, for instance, for servicing, would mean we were running blind with no knowledge of what gases were being produced. ”

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