Environmental Monitoring – Which Gas Instrument Do I Need?

Lots of instruments. Lots of options.

Gas Data has a range of gas monitoring instruments offering a high degree of configurability. Here are some tips on selecting the right choices for your environmental monitoring requirements.

Site Investigation
If you are carrying our Site Investigation work in line with BS8576 then Gas Data recommends the GFM436.

The GFM436 is a 6 gas instrument with atmospheric, static and differential pressure measurements.  It also has instantaneous flow (-60 to 100l/h) suitable for measuring the flow from an aspirating borehole.  The differential pressure can be used with an orifice plate to measure the pressure drop – from which a flow can then be calculated.

Landfill Extraction
If you are working on a Landfill Extraction System then the GFM426 has been specifically configured to assist you meet your needs.

It has 5 gas channels, atmospheric, static and differential pressure measurements.  It does not have an integrated flow as extraction systems are normally built with orifice plates or access points to use with an optional Vane Anemometer.

Gas monitoring instruments designed for environmental monitoring in the fieldGas Flow and Velocity
Gas Data has 2 specialised meters to support flow and velocity measurement.

The GFM600 is an ATEX certified device that measures gas velocity in gas extraction pipework, while the GFM610 is designed for gas flow and pressure monitoring in boreholes and in biogas facilities.

The GFM406 can be configured with up to 6 gases, 3 different pressure options, flow and temperature measurement. This means that the GFM406 can be specified very precisely to meet your needs so you do not pay for unnecessary functionality.

Multi-site Operation
Our latest instruments, the GFM436, GFM426 and GFM406, all have advanced data storage, logging  and management capability (both attended and unattended), which makes them ideal for multi-site usage.  The data can be download via usb and exported to a variety of file formats for integration with your operational systems.

Take a look at the appropriate product pages to find out more Gas Data’s instruments.

If you need assistance choosing the right device for your requirements then contact us today. Call +44 (0) 2476 30 33 11 or email sales@gasdata.co.uk.