Gas analysis in the field

Secret spy shots show Gas Data’s latest gas analyser being used in the field.

Never let it be said that we don’t get our hands dirty. Chris Dakin and the team recently lead a group of prospective customers on a training session to show off the capabilities of some of our gas analysis and gas flow meters.

It was very interesting to see the reaction of a group of very knowledgeable field engineers and consultants.

They particularly liked the improvements in usability that we have built into the GFM426 and GFM436 products. We know that you need to be moving around sites pretty quickly and there is nothing more frustrating than having to scroll through endless screens to get to an entry field or particular piece of information.

gas analysis at a borehole

In response we not only improved thescreen brightness on the new analysers, we also drove our development guys mad in the search for more intuitive screen layouts.

What was particularly interesting about this exercise was that there was plenty of work to do even after the group returned indoors.

We have upgraded the sample point logging capability of the monitoring instruments and provided Siteman v5.0 software too. This meant there was ample opportunity to show how easy it is to adminster the data captured from the field.

Check out the GFM426 and GFM436 product pages for more details and have a look at our wider range of portable and fixed site analysers too. If you need to discuss your particular application then call us today on +44(0) 247 630 3311 or via