Gasification Monitoring – Minute by Minute

Timely data is the key forbiomass energy production pioneers Intervate.

Gas Data clients Intervate are leading the way in developing renewable energy plants using waste wood and other biomass.

Intervateoperates a powerplant in the West Midlands and is working with Yorkshire Water on a plant that uses sewage sludge as the feedstock. It is currently gearing up for some important announcements on the further commercialisation of its technology.

Gas Data has been the supplier of choice for gas monitoring equipment from day one with its Click! System fixed site equipment taking an important role in the development process.

Intervate’s Bill Lilly says he likes both our equipment and our approach:

“Experience tells me that it is vital to keep close tabs on the quality of gas flowing into the CHP and the Click! System offers me the ability to monitor on a minute by minute basis. But the quality of the instruments isn’t the only reason we work with Gas Data.

What they offer me is a real understanding of my needs and a “can do” attitude to solve specific problems, like coming up with clever oxygen monitoring capabilityto support our safety processes. It’s what sets them apart from the box shifters.”

From Gas Data’s perspective Bill’s views are a vindication of our commitment to continuous technological innovation and development. They also highlight that we continue to enjoy the challenges posed by all of the exciting developments in the world of renewable energy.

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