Gas Data. Speaker and stand at Geotechnica 2014

Gas Data would like to invite you to stand 24at the forthcoming Geotechnica 2014 conference and exhibition on 2nd & 3rd July.

Geotechnica 2014is your opportunity to see Gas Data’snew GFM436 portable landfill gas meter which is leading the field for gas measurement in site investigations, landfill gas control and compliance monitoring.

There will also bea range of other monitoring, analysis and control instruments for biogas and landfill gas monitoring on display and a team of people to discuss your requirements.

In addition, Gas Datas Chris Dakin will be presenting to the conference on Measuring hydrocarbon vapours in gas mixtures which contain methane using a combination of IR and PID.

Chris Dakin seen measuring landfill gas levels from a boreholeChris will be highlighting the need for caution when measuring VOCs with a PID meter where methane is present because of the likely inaccuracy of the readings. He will then go on to demonstrate how Gas Datas GFM436 can overcome the problem.

Chris’s presentation is at 12.30pm on Thursday 3rd July in the Main Conference Room.

We look forward to meeting you at the Exhibition.

If you can’t attendGeotechnica 2014 and require further information on the GFM436 or any of our other products then please contact us on +44 (0) 247 630 3311 or email

Entrance to Geotechnica 2014 at the Warwickshire Exhibition Centre is free and you can pre-register on the Geotechnica web site today.