Supporting Geotechnics Ground Investigations

ground engineering gas analysis equipmentGas Data Ltd. has good reason to applaud the shortlisting of Geotechnics Limited in so many categories of this year’s Ground Engineering Awards.

The Coventry-based gas monitoring and analysis equipment provider has been an instrument supplier to Geotechnics for close to 20 years.

Gas Data managing director Chris Dakin says that Geotechnics has always looked for innovation to help it solve client problems:

“Geotechnics has a reputation for striving to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of its work in site investigation and remediation. That’s been a driver for us to incorporate new technologies to allow hexane measurement, for instance. We have also enhanced the reporting capabilities of our instruments with the addition of Siteman management software.”

Geotechnics maintains a healthy fleet of Gas Data instruments for its engineers to use in field work.  Rumour has it that the company still uses some of Gas Data’s famous old LMS instruments, no longer produced but still maintained by Gas Data’s service department (who state that they will repair/service/support instruments for as long as they can source the components in cost effectively).

Chris Dakin seen measuring landfill gas levels from a boreholeMore regularly deployed are the GFM435 and Gas Data’s newest model the GFM436.  The GFM436 is an ATEX accredited portable gas analyser. It offers measurement of 6 gases, peak and instantaneous borehole flow and 3 parameter pressure measurement.

The instrument was designed specifically to support the sort of site investigation work that Geotechnics is so proficient in.  Apart from its innate monitoring capability the instrument is meant for field use, as Chris Dakin explains:

“We work on the principle that when you are on a remote site and its dark, cold and raining, less is more.  That’s why our instruments have an illuminated LCD display, buttons that can be pressed with gloves on and a long battery life.”

Gas Data maintain a strong commitment to R&D with a dedicated in-house team, a KTP (Knowledge Transfer Partnership) with Aston University, its own test landfill borehole and, of course, good client relationships.  The R&D effort is geared around innovation and utility: words that John Booth, Geotechnics MD, really likes to hear:

“We are delighted to share the spotlight of the awards shortlisting with our key suppliers.  Our site engineers and monitoring staff really appreciate the quality and user-friendliness of Gas Data’s equipment.”

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