Search and Rescue

GFM226 for CO2 detection in specialist search and rescue applications

You may have already seen that the GFM226 is used to detect stowaways in trailers, rooms, vehicles and shipping.What you may not have realised is that specialist versions of the GFM226 CO2 detection package have been designed and produced by partner company Goodman Bentley.

Goodman Bentley is a leading supplier of security and safety equipment to border authorities,fire and rescue services,law enforcement agencies, the military and prisons. Their clients need the best equipment. Full stop. Accuracy, durability and simplicity are the keys to success for the difficult field conditions in which their clients operate.

The company has two variations on the standard GFM226.

TheCO2 Hidden Person Detector adds both a specialist under-door and a long lance probe to the package. It is used in search and rescue deployments but the fact that it is NATO codified is a clue to its primary use. Police and military units use the detector for checking for people hidden in rooms or vehicles, where they need to know if someone is present before they enter.

The CO2 Pear Drop Rescue Probe is used by a number of rescue organisations to search for people buried in earthquakes or mining accidents for example. A weighted probe can reach up to 25m to recover gas samples which the GFM226 can analyse.

Goodman Bentley. Gas Data partners for specialist CO2 hidden person detection devicesGil Boyd, Goodman Bentleys Operations Director and the man behind many of the companys innovative ideas, explains why he chose Gas Datas product in this case:

Its quite simple. The GFM226 is the best CO2 detector in the world for the price. The accuracy of its sensors gives my clients real peace of mind in potentially dangerous circumstances, and it can be used straight out of the box without lengthy training.

You cant get a much better endorsement than that.

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