New Product – GFM426 portable landfill gas extraction monitor

A new instrument purpose built for monitoring and analysis of landfill gas extraction.

Gas Data Ltd. are building on the success of the GFM436 site investigation instrument with the launch of the GFM426 portable landfill gas extraction monitor.

The GFM426 features Gas Data’s renowned sensor capability (CH4, CO2, O2, H2S, and CO analysis as standard) along with pressure and flow measurement, and advanced data logging capability. The instrument incorporates an additional sampling tube that is attached to the second wellhead port to provide detailed measurement ofatmospheric, static and differential pressure readings as well as gas flow rate.

Matthew Humphreys, Gas Data Managing Director, is delighted with the speed at which the new instrument has come to market:

“Our new product development process is highly attuned to the needs of our clients. Our core hardware, sensor range and software have been deliberately developed to be highly adaptable. Of course they still retain the accuracy and longevity that Gas Data products are well known for”

The instrument supports the requirement for landfill gas extraction operators to carefully manage collection and treatment systems prior to use in electricity generation. It combines real-time measurement and analysis capability with new user and administration functionality to support field staff.

Matthew Humphreys believes that both operating companies and their field engineers will be pleased:

“Getting fast and accurate readings is important to the smooth running of landfill gas extraction systems and the GFM426 is purpose-built to do just that. This unit also has new features such as a brighter screen, more powerful battery and the latest release of our SiteMan admin software to make it the most practical instrument for site work.”

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