The GFM436. A Landfill Manager’s View

The Difference is in the Detail

At Gas Data we know that there is a lot of choice in the market for landfill gas analysers. We also know that there are a bewildering array of features and technologies to tempt your interest.

Our goal has always been to ensure we help the people in the field and those responsible for using the data to do their jobs as effectively as possible. It’s about the detail.

This gets noticed by our customers, and we were delighted to receive some valuable feedback from a new client.

Richard Bartram, Landfill Manager at Surrey County Council, picked up on a particular aspect of the way the GFM436 portable landfill gas analyser works.

“It’s a small point but it can save me lots of time. With the GFM436 I can take all of the required measurements before storing them to a specific borehole location. That means if there are any measurement problems I can make changes before a formal database update.

With the analysers from our previous suppliers we had to restart the device!”

site investigation gas analysisBecause Richard manages 70 boreholes at his primary site (as well as supporting a variety of other sites around the county) we take his comments as a validation for the amount of field research we carried out in product development.

We were also interested in Richard’s comments about the GFM436 as a field tool. He highlighted two particular design features:

“It’s lighter than other rival instruments and that makes a difference when you are moving around large sites. The big thing for me though is that the battery lasts a long time.

I know other products have gadgets like colour displays, GPS and Bluetooth but frankly I don’t find them very helpful and they really drain the power. With GFM436 I can go through the day on one charge.”

It’s great to get this sort of feedback from real people working in field conditions. It’s information that we use directly in updating both hardware and software to ensure that our products work for you.

Check out the GFM436 series datasheet today (PDF opens in new window) for more details on capability and specification.

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