Odour control systems partnership

Creating a force in odour monitoring and control

It was another good week for our burgeoning relationship with Taytech, one of the leading providers ofodour monitoring and control systems in waste and sewage treatment plants.

Taytech has developed advanced systems that offer users the potential for rapid payback by optimising the use of odour neutralising chemicals. What Gas Data brings to the table is the ability to provide extremely accurate measurement capability combined with the ability to offer multiple monitoring points at a cost-effective price. It’s all down to our ubiquitous Click!System fixed site gas analyser.

As a result we have been on several joint site visits across the South West recently. Partly to help generate new business and also to impress clients with our innovative and co-operative approach to odour monitoring and control systems.

Watch this space for further announcements on our successes in this field.

If you work in the waste or sewage treatment sector and want to find out more then call us today on +44 (0) 2476 30 33 11 or emailenquiries@gasdata.co.uk .