Optical Detection of Ammonia Goes Live

optical ammonia gas detection sensor for AD and waste treatmentSince the beginning of field trials and initial client-site installations earlier this year, Gas Data’s laser driven optical ammonia gas analysers are going from strength to strength.

Ammonia sensors have been one of the environmental industry’s ‘hard to crack’ problems for decades. As leaders in the development of electrochemical sensors for gas analysis in site investigation and biogas production it was natural for Gas Data to look for a solution.

Two years ago we embarked on a significant R&D project in collaboration with Aston University to draw on cutting edge research in the University’s Institute of Photonic Technologies (AIPT). The project has enabled us to build sensors that incorporate tunable diode laser spectroscopy technology and add them to field-ready analysers.

This has already offered up some exciting new applications:

  • Intervate Ltd. has deployed an ammonia analyser at one of their gasification plants. The analyser has enabled ammonia measurements to be made for the first time and therefore improve the the ability to manage the energy production process.Gas Data and Intervate have broken new ground in understand how to handle the unique properties of ammonia in the sampling and analysis process. The Gas Data engineering team deserves huge credit for their work in transforming a lab-based prototype into a field-ready instrument.
  • Gas Data has also installed an ammonia analyser at a waste recovery plant. The challenge here is that measurement of very low ammonia levels (less than 100ppm) is required.After a careful installation and calibration process the analyser is now fully integrated with the plant’s operating cycle. As it builds up to full capacity the recovery process is set to bring both economic and environmental benefits in this sector of the chemical processing industry.
  • We are drafting a proposal for a long-standing customer in the waste water industry to bring them the benefits of our optical sensor technology. The customer currently uses electrochemical sensors to detect ammonia but they want more measurements and lower operating costs than the existing technology can deliver.Gas Data is able to say to them, with some confidence, that the payback in improved performance and reduced running costs will make the decision to move to optical detection very easy.

This is another exciting moment in the history of the company. Gas Data has a track record of technical innovation, and the introduction of laser based optical based sensors show our ability to convert leading-edge research into leading-edge products is undiminished.

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