Click! System – Fixed Site Gas Analyser

Click! System – Fixed Site Gas Analyser

The Click! System fixed site on-line gas analyser gives users greater flexibility than conventional gas monitoring systems. In particular it allows operators to remotely monitor several sample points with just one analyser, 24 hours a day.

With class-leading standards of accuracy and reliability the Click! System is used on some of the UK s largest Biogas producing sites, Biomethane plants and industry leading Gasification projects.

The Click! System can analyse and monitor a range of gases:

  • Methane
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Oxygen
  • Hydrogen Sulphide
  • Ammonia
  • Hydrogen

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Modular build construction
All working parts within the Click! System have their own module, which allows modification and maintenance to be carried out easily and quickly. This minimises plant downtime and reduces operational cost compared to traditional systems.

Hazardous Area Applications
Each Click! System is constructed to a unique project design under the ISO9001 standard. If gas analysis is taking place in a hazardous zone then Gas Data adopts ATEX directives and your Click! System is delivered with an EU Certificate of Conformity and ATEX specific installation and operation instructions.

Data Network Connections
The Click! System can support all common industrial network standards including Profibus dp, Profinet, Modbus (RTU or TCPIP) and Controlnet. The system offers a range of analogue and digital output signals to support a variety of control systems and applications, for instance dosing systems, configuration of combined heat and power engines, or to trigger system alarms.

Remote Monitoring
Remote monitoring allows you to to capture detailed gas analysis, and control some aspects of system operation from any location you choose. The same network connection allows our technical team to perform maintenance checks, configure firmware updates and highlight faults remotely to save you time and money.


Standard Features

The Click! System offers a range of valuable standard features including:

  • Standardised Components
  • Unlimited sample points
  • Sample or continuous analysis
  • Low and high Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) ranges available
  • High range Carbon Monoxide (CO) available
  • Unique sample and ambient air purging system
  • Versatile integration with the site instrumentation sensors and systems
  • ATEX build option