GFM436 Site Investigation, Landfill and Compliance

GFM436  Site Investigation, Landfill and Compliance

Leading the field for gas measurements in site investigations, landfill gas control and environmental regulation compliance monitoring.

The Gas Data GFM436 is an ATEX accredited portable gas analyser. It is designed specifically for monitoring and analysing soil gas parameters during site investigations of greenfield sites, brownfield sites and land affected by landfill operations or other industrial contamination. With robust construction and a weather-resistant case it can be operated in the most challenging of field conditions.

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Exceptional measurement and analysis capability
The GFM436 measures the proportions of methane (by volume and LEL – Lower Explosive Limit), carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen sulphide and carbon monoxide in soil gas.

Hexane content can be measured to assist in areas with hydrocarbon vapours (from spilt fuels, oils or other contaminants), and the GFM436 can also measure gas pressure (differential and static), flow rate (instantaneous and peak) and temperature.

An optional temperature sensor can be plugged in for gas temperature measurements or alternatively a vane anemometer can?measure the velocity in a gas extraction system pipeline.

Effective operation and administration features
The GFM436 leads in its class with many outstanding features:-

  • Measurement of 6 gases CH4, CO2, O2, H2S, CO and Hexane.
  • The hexane measurement allows the presence of other hydrocarbons (split fuels, oils or other contaminants) to be determined.
  • Displays LEL and determines a PID (photo ionization detector) compensation factor for use with PID instruments.
  • Bidirectional measurement of instantaneous and peak borehole flow.
  • Measurement of atmospheric, dynamic differential and static pressure.
  • Optional water level data entry with 2 meter readings can be stored for each borehole location.
  • Maximum operator usability with bright LCD display, intuitive operator buttons and screen layouts and a field exchangeable battery pack offering up to 8 hours work time.
  • Easy administration with sample point label setting using Siteman PC software,?manual data storage and programmable unattended data logging functions, USB data download and a CSV or AGS 3.1/4 format export facility.
  • 12 month recalibration interval.