GFM406 – Multichannel Portable Gas Analyser

GFM406 – Multichannel Portable Gas Analyser

The Gas Data GFM406 is an ATEX accredited portable gas analyser that replaces the models GFM410, GFM416, GFM400 and GFM130.

It is a high-functionality, portable and robust instrument designed to be used in field conditions for a variety of monitoring and measurement applications.

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The GFM406 incorporates Gas Data’s latest software and hardware upgrades offering you a wide range of gas analysis options.

The instrument supports up to 2 infra-red channels (your choice of CH4, CO2, CO and LEL) and up to 5 electrochemical channels (your choice of O2, CO,H2S and H2).

The GFM406 provides pressure measurement across 3 reference points – atmospheric, static (gauge) and differential – and flow measurement rates can be captured using an optional vane anemometer.

The GFM406 provides a wide range of features and options to support your analysis needs, including;

  • An easy-to-read high contrast LCD display.
  • Internal pump.
  • Attended and unattended data logging capability.
  • 8 hour battery life with 4 hr recharge time.
  • 12 month recommended recalibration interval.
  • High capacity data storage, labelling and management capability (featuring Siteman 5 PC software).
  • Optional temperature probe and vane anemometer.