GFM226 Hidden person stowaway detector

GFM226 Hidden person stowaway detector

The Gas Data GFM226 hidden person stowaway detector is a portable carbon dioxide detector developed especially for the detection of people hiding or trapped in confined spaces such as trailers, rooms or vehicles.

Working primarily by detecting the elevated levels of carbon dioxide and reduced levels of oxygen in human breath, the GFM226 is now used worldwide in a variety of different security, transport and search and rescue applications.

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Benefits of the GFM226

The GFM226 allows an operation to take place effectively and safely. The instrument can be used in two areas;

  1. Detection of stowaways at border crossings or transport hubs.
  2. Search and rescue investigations in disaster or conflict zones.

The GFM226 is designed to be lightweight and portable, which means that it can be carried easily, and if required, hidden away quickly. Specialist Gas Data probes can be attached to?the instrument, allowing measurements to be taken where the user cannot reach or where there are safety or security concerns.

The instrument is robustly manufactured allowing it to be used in very challenging environments. It is simple to start up and easy to use, so that gas analysis takes place rapidly after deployment.

The back-lit screen allows operation even in poor light conditions. The long battery life means detailed carbon dioxide monitoring can take place over extended time periods.

The GFM225 offers a wide range of both standard and optional features to deal with a variety of applications.

Standard Features

  • Simple hand held operation

  • Internal pump

  • Large clear operator controls

  • Built in sampling pump

  • Large backlit LCD display

  • Rechargeable Battery

Optional Features Available

  • Optional (Oxygen) O2 detection available

  • Data logging

  • Leather carry case

  • Hard protective transport case

  • Variety of different probes available dependant on application

  • Alarm sound setting available for the instrument