Gas Flow Meter (Thermal Dispersion Type)

Gas Flow Meter (Thermal Dispersion Type)

The flow sensor works on the principle of thermal dispersion and determines the pressure and temperature compensated volumetric or mass flow rate of a gas moving inside a pipeline.

These thermal dispersion flow meters are designed to offer minimal pressure loss, have no mechanical moving parts and are robust and corrosion resistant.

All these features make the systems very reliable and stable even in the harshest site conditions.

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Gas Flow Measurement Applications

Thermal dispersion flow meters can be used in a variety of industrial, energy production and environmental applications:

  • Biogas Plants
  • Gasification Plants
  • Landfill Gas Extraction Plants
  • Power Generation Plants (CHP Input)
  • Aeration Process Control


Some of the key features of the flow meters include:

  • Thermal dispersion measurement principal
  • Highly corrosion resistant grade stainless steel construction
  • No moving parts
  • Wide measurement range
  • ATEX certified (Zone 0, 1 or 2 options)

Flow sensor product and accessories details are available in our Downloadable specification sheet (PDF opens in a new window).