VACOMASS® Aeration Control System

VACOMASS® Aeration Control System

The Gas Data modular VACOMASS system is designed to regulate air supply and distribution?in the biological treatment stage of wastewater and sewage treatment.

Gas Data and long term partners Binder offer a complete VACOMASS design and installation solution in conjunction with our UK based installation partners Suprafilt.

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Gas Data has?been working with Binder Engineering for nearly 10 years to develop and sell products into the Biogas market.

Very strong in this sector, Binder?are also market leaders in the design and manufacture of flowmeters and control valves. They have combined this expertise to produce the VACOMASS Aeration Control System.

By providing precise measurement, control and distribution of activation air, VACOMASS provides:

  • Optimised sludge degradation.
  • Managed?compliance with effluent quality standards.
  • Efficient energy management.

The VACOMASS system comprises a variety of measuring and control components, which can be deployed singly or in combination to to suit your specific wastewater management needs. Key components include:

  • Tuning, control and safety valves.
  • Thermal dispersion air flow meter.
  • Flow conditioner for gaseous flows.
  • Specialised damper to reduce header pressure or noise level.
  • Blower management to control the supply of aeration air.
  • CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulation.
  • Closed loop, certified calibration.

Full details are available in our downloadable specification sheet (PDF opens in a new window).