GFM400 Series Service Package

Fixed Price Service and Maintenance Package

GFM400 series fixed price service packageEnsure your GFM400 series instruments are annually calibrated, serviced and maintained to our factory standards for a fixed fee on either a 3 or 5 year fixed price contract. Gas Data’s GFM400 series service package is designed to offer you operational and financial certainty with a range of key benefits:

  • Fixed price for all features.
  • Zero risk – includes loan instruments and spare parts.
  • Easy to use, fully managed process.
  • Covers all GFM400 instruments.

Our service team will manage the whole process on your behalf and will be available by phone to help you through any field maintenance if required.

Check out the GFM400 series service package datasheet today (PDF opens in new window) for complete details of package features.

Service Package Features
The package includes a comprehensive set of key features:

  • All labour and parts costs included.
  • Free collection and re-delivery of the instruments.
  • Free loan instruments
  • Gas Data managed courier service.
  • Breakdown support*.

To sign up to the GFM400 series service package today simply call our service department on  +44 (0)2476 303311 or email


*Parts damaged or malfunctions caused by abuse , misuse or negligence by the user are excluded from this agreement. The user is expected to carry out best practice and user maintenance as outlined in the user manual.