Gas Monitoring Instrumentation Testimonials

Gas Data provides gas monitoring instrumentation to a wide variety of leading organisations in the field of environmental monitoring and management. We are delighted to say they have a few nice words to say about us!


Managing the quality of gas input to the CHP is paramount in this installation and the Click! System gives us access to all of the parameters we need. Gas Data have been on hand throughout installation and commissioning to provide their experience and expertise and that saves us time and money.

Ben Sage, Sales Engineer UTS Biogas – May Farm


The Click! System we have installed samples the gas from our Anaerobic Digester to the CHP unit and provides us with data output to our control system which enables us to run our plant both effectively and profitably

James Hart, J J Power Ltd – Glebe Farm



As suppliers of the Gas Data GFM225 to the Law Enforcement, Military, H.M Prisons and Rescue communities worldwide, we endorse the operational effectiveness of this equipment, as designers of ancillary equipment to work in conjunction with it. It has proved totally reliable for many years use by our customer base

Gil Boyd B.E.M Operations Director, Goodman Bentley



“We chose the Gas Data Click! System for two main reasons: its accuracy and the fact that the information is available quickly with limited down time for servicing.

Dr. Andrea Jordan, ITI Energy


Odour Monitoring

We chose Gas Data because they understand our business and are keen to develop equipment and techniques that will benefit our company.”

Michael Taylor, Taytech