Constant Biogas Monitoring is a Must

For efficiency and protection

For Yorkshire Water rising energy prices have put new focus on the opportunities to maximise the effectiveness of CHP (combined heat and power) at Waste Water Treatment Plants.  Key activities such as aeration and pumping are highly energy intensive so it made sense to improve self-generation rather than buy off the grid.

James Gudgeon, Contracts Manager – Energy & Recycling at Yorkshire Water, explains the new approach:

“Recognising the potential of on-site energy production has put more emphasis on the end-to-end nature of the treatment process.  By monitoring and analysing Biogas right through to the engines, using gas quality measures to drive performance, we have both maintained environmental compliance and improved CHP “

Gas Data’s Click! System has become an important tool in the monitoring process because it provides accurate and reliable Biogas measurement.  Understanding the level of CH(methane) in the Biogas is vital in helping James and his team understand how the on-site anaerobic digesters, which are fed with sludge from the sewage treatment process, are performing.

There is, however, another constituent part of the Biogas which James is keeping a close eye on:

“We are particularly sensitive to levels of H2S (Hydrogen Sulphide) in the Biogas because of the extreme damage that it can cause to the CHP engines.  We use the reporting capability of the Click! System to initiate different escalation procedure if pre-set H2S levels are reached.  That means we can take very fast remedial action.”

waste water treatment plant biogas monitoringGas Data has supplied a number of Click! Systems to Yorkshire Water for use its waste treatment sites.  Our advanced sampling and ambient air purging capability provide inherent accuracy, while its modular construction provides great flexibility and reduced maintenance costs.

James greatly appreciates those characteristics:

“Having confidence in the data is really important because the financial and operational implications of inaccuracy are so high.

I get excellent direct support from Gas Data and it is noticeable that engineering work is always completed very quickly. There are rarely any delays in the ordering and delivery of components.”

All of the Yorkshire Water sites that have Gas Data equipment are covered by comprehensive maintenance contracts, which ensure that James and his team get the fastest possible response.  Our engineering team are all Gas Data employees with specialist training in the equipment and experience in solving client issues.

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