Gas Data’s Head of Technology attends the WBA 1st International Biogas Conference

Our Technology & Compliance Manager, Dr Daniel Lee, writes:

It may be difficult to judge if an event is worth attending, especially when it has no preceding event that might help inform your decision.

I returned from the very first international World Biogas Association Conference in Athens, Greece, earlier in the year and I am happy to report no regrets about having attended!

Held on the 3rd and 4th of May, the event not only provided many first-hand insights into the biogas industry in Greece, but also a wealth of information about other markets around the world – including updates on South America, the Far East and the Middle East regions.

The WBA is still a young organization but, on the evidence of this first international meeting, it promises to be a great resource for the industry – and Gas Data are proud to be one of its members.

We are looking forward to the next event and showing the exciting steps Gas Data are making in the biogas field.