Gas Data & the World Biogas Association (WBA) join forces to help businesses reach net-zero emissions.

The WBA recently published their “Biogas: Pathways to 2030” report and Gas Data were major contributors in providing biogas associated market data using their global network of partners and customers. Gas Data’s Technology & Compliance Manager, Dr Daniel Lee, was listed as one of the report authors, which is a real recognition and a privilege.

The report mapped out the policies and an incentive plans to facilitate anaerobic digestion to deliver a 10% reduction in global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2030. This is a part of the “net-zero 2050” pledge, signed by 197 nations during the 2015 Paris Climate Accord.

Gas Data are delighted to support WBA in the fight against climate change by offering market data support and their expertise in gas analysis.

Dr Daniel Lee, who contributed to this research said:

“This report represents almost a year’s work, and it was an honour for Gas Data to be able to contribute using data collected from our international network and using our expertise in gas analysis.”

Gas Data play their part in addressing climate change and are strong advocates of a broadened regulatory environment with a goal to achieve the set GHG reduction.

Find out more about their products and how they can add value to your biogas process through their professional gas analysis solutions.

See WBA press release here.