The GFM 436 from Gas Data arrives in the Active Environmental monitoring range

Gas Data welcomes Active Environmental Solutions (AES), a new reseller to its international partner team.

AES is an experienced supplier of hazard monitoring solutions for the workplace, including air sampling, air quality monitoring, gas analysers and detectors and many more. Together, AES and Gas Data will identify opportunities to expand the awareness of its gas analysis equipment for the landfill sector. 

Managing Director of Active Environmental Solutions, Aleks Todorovic, sums up the decision to partner with Gas Data as “Adding the GFM 436 monitor to our fleet of equipment seemed like the perfect fit. We already supply a range of hazard and emission monitoring equipment to customers across a wide range of applications, and now we can offer landfill gas and analysis monitoring equipment too.”

Todorovic recognised the value of real-time data and monitoring emitting gases for site investigations and environmental regulation compliance and to understand the impact on the environment.

“This portable gas monitor specifically designed for landfill monitoring is an excellent addition to our portfolio, and we look forward to supplying it to our customers here in Australia and to a successful partnership with Gas Data.”

Aleks Todorovic, Managing Director, AES

Cheng Yoe, Sales and Marketing Director for Gas Data, said, “We’re delighted that we’ve partnered with AES to distribute our GFM 436 series in Australia. As accomplished professionals in their field of environmental and hazard monitoring, we know it will be a great fit.”

Cheng included, “People are at the heart of Gas Data, and that includes our distributors. We design and manufacturer gas analysis and monitoring systems focused on specific applications tailored to the customers’ requirements. We are proud to be involved in applications that make a difference to our world, from industrial and factory processes, such as wastewater and sewage treatment or biomethane generation, to landfill monitoring, land remediation, odour control and more.”

“We’re excited to see where our journey will go as we build a mutually beneficial long-term partnership with AES.”

The GFM 436 is an ATEX certified instrument that monitors six pollutant gases, and measures flow rate, atmospheric, static, and differential pressures. User-friendly, 8-hour battery life and portable, can easily be carried to different sites.

For further information, please contact the AES team.

About AES

Active Environmental Solutions (known as AES) was established in 2001 and is your partner in Occupational Health & Safety and Industrial Hygiene services in Australia.

Leaders in the supply of a full range of occupational health and safety and environmental monitoring equipment. Our range is sourced from leading international manufacturers with whom we are proud to be associated.

Working closely with customers to ensure the products we sell are suitable for Australian conditions as we have the local awareness of our customer’s needs and the experience and knowledge to ensure we are Sensing Safety at all times.

About Gas Data

Gas Data was formed in 1991 from a passion to improve the instruments that analyse gases for industrial applications. By listening to our customers and focusing on specific applications, we have developed a range of fixed and portable, handheld analysers that are recognised performance leaders in their fields.

This customer-led approach to design ensures our products deliver the accuracy, reliability and ease of maintenance that is essential to operational environments.