Gas Data Growth Leads to Office Move

World-leading manufacturer of gas analysis and monitoring solutions for renewable and environmental industries, Gas Data Limited, will be moving from its Wheler Road office, where it has been since the late 1990s, to the new office at Earplace Business Park on Fletchamstead Highway, Coventry. 

The relocation comes as a result of the phenomenal growth over the past year, which has seen both the workforce and demand for products and solutions increase dramatically. Gas Data serves a worldwide market with its solutions for a wide range of gas monitoring applications. The current interest in methane detection, monitoring and management is bringing new customers to Gas Data every day.  

Switching its expanding operation to a new, state-of-art office and more extensive manufacturing facility means the company can now progress with its positive business plans for faster and more efficient processes. Leading to further growth and product development to continue meeting customer and market demands globally. The building is currently undergoing work to meet our manufacturing needs and will be ready to start phased movement to the facility in the new year.

Gas Data’s Managing Director, Steve Billingham, states: “Gas Data as part of the Ecotec group specialises in both in-line gas analysis and external gas analysers for the easy location of fugitive emissions. Gas Data is a market leader in sectors which include landfill, biogas, wastewater treatment, carbon credit, and oil and gas industries. With the global push to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and global warming, Gas Data and the wider Ecotec Group is at the forefront of supporting businesses as they move to better measure and reduce their carbon footprint in today’s world. The company`s new office will occupy c.21,000 sq. ft of a modern office and manufacturing space which has been extensively refurbished and includes car parking on a fully-secured industrial park. New premises will allow us to fast-track manufacturing improvements and meet the rapid growth and demand of our markets and customers.”