Coming soon! Gas Data launches H2-compensated CO in new GM25 gas analyser

Hydrogen compensated carbon monoxide readings are now available with Gas Data’s latest portable gas analyser, the new GM25.

Continuing its simple and accurate approach to gas monitoring, Gas Data builds on its 20-year portfolio of portable and fixed gas analysis solutions for the landfill, biogas and waste management industries with the GM25. Coming soon, this state-of-the-art analyser has been carefully designed to meet and exceed landfill monitoring protocols mandated by government legislation. Tailored specifically for landfill operators and environmental consultants, the GM25 enables professionals in the industry to efficiently and accurately monitor and manage gas emissions.

Combining its predecessors’ operational simplicity and true lightweight, hand-held portability, the GM25 offers both new and existing users the option to accurately measure multiple gases simultaneously with Gas Data’s proven infra-red technology. The new H2-compensated CO cell will minimise cross-gas effects for even more accurate CO readings – a crucial issue in the waste sector.

From methane levels to volatile organic compounds, the GM25 delivers precise and reliable data critical for decision-making and reporting. Its robust performance and user-friendly interface make it an indispensable companion for professionals dedicated to upholding environmental standards and optimizing landfill gas management.

The GM25 interfaces seamlessly with dedicated software, unleashing its full potential as a vital monitoring and change indicator tool. This integration amplifies its capabilities, rendering the GM25 an essential asset in ensuring environmental safety and regulatory adherence within landfill operations.

As the flagship product from Gas Data, the GM25 embodies a commitment to excellence and reliability. With a combination of engineering ingenuity and meticulous attention to detail, the GM25 stands as a testament to Gas Data’s dedication to advancing the industry and supporting the environmental welfare of the planet.

For landfill operators seeking a trusted partner in gas monitoring solutions, the GM25 stands as the pinnacle of quality, precision, and compliance. Elevate your landfill gas management with the industry leading GM25 from Gas Data.

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