Goodman Bentley

Goodman Bentley Spec/Ops Design & Security Limited were set up over 25 years ago to meet the growing and challenging demands for its specific products, both in the United Kingdom and around the world.

Goodman Bentley specialises predominantly in supplying the Military, Police, Border, Prison Services and Government agencies with its bespoke products.

The company designs and manufactures equipment for highly specialised personnel within Government agencies. These include Surveillance, Counter Terrorism, Hostage Siege & Hijack, and Electronic Counter Measures equipment.

Gas Data and Goodman Bentley have enjoyed a fruitful partnership for nearly a decade. Using their contacts in the security sector, Goodman Bentley have presented Gas Data’s GFM 226 Hidden Person Stowaway Detector to security forces in the UK and Europe with resounding success. Through Goodman Bentley, Gas Data’s technology now protects borders internationally.

In 2018 the partnership advanced, applying Gas Data’s Research & Development department. The specialist knowledge from each company culminated in the creation of the NATO codified Bloodhound. The Bloodhound is a CO2 detector that is deployed by rapid intervention teams to establish human presence to determine the best course of action.

Goodman Bentley saw the success of the Hidden Person Stowaway Detector and enquired about adapting the technology to certain parameters: ease of use; durability; cost effectiveness.

Gas Data fulfilled the brief. The Bloodhound is powered by AA batteries, which are easily sourced and inexpensive; the plastic casing is strong enough to withstand the hostile environment of operations; the red/green LED indicators are easy to interpret and able to be understood clearly in any light conditions.

Gas Data has reaped the benefits of being partnered with an industry specialist and look forward to progressing into the future. Click the link for more information about our Research & Development Partnerships and see how Gas Data can be of use to you.

“Gas Data’s GFM 226 CO2 HIDDEN PERSON DETECTOR is one of my company’s best sellers and in partnership with Gas Data, it provides the world’s most effective, fit-for-purpose solutions…”