Click! Sense

The design is based upon our proprietary passive sensing technology, which is ruggedised and highly reliable.

Its central processing unit collects data and makes it available via plant’s SCADA or our Data Portal using secure telemetry.

The system requires one annual service, making it dependable and low-cost solution.

We have designed our Click! Sense system to ensure our customers’ environmental compliance for odour control in industrial processes where hydrogen sulphide (H2S) is being produced. It is a cost-effective method of providing 24/7 data on H2S odour emissions from key locations on your plant. Main applications include:

  • industrial manufacturing plants
  • agricultural dairy providers
  • chemical dosing
  • sewage treatment
  • Continuous monitoring of up to 16 sample points simultaneously
  • All data continuously as 4 – 20mA signals
  • 0-50ppm or 0-500ppm H2S ranges available dependent on anticipated odour levels
  • Supports all common industrial communications protocols
  • Optional data output to the Gas Data Portal, giving 24hr access to data via the internet