Land Remediation

Ground investigation is a critical component of remediating land for development or restoration. Gas flow measurements are used as a parameter of gas production, and composition is analysed to determine the optimal process to ensure safety.

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What is Land Remediation?

Land remediation is the process of removing pollution and/or contaminants from an area of land. This could include removing the pollutants from the soil, groundwater, surface water, or sediment. This process is often liable to a range of regulations and requirements to ensure human safety as well as mitigate any potential environmental risks in the area.

The purpose for land remediation is to prevent the irreversible effects of land degradation which can lead to a reduction in farmable land or less land that is viable for construction as well cause environmental effects through increases in pollutants.

How are Gas Analysers Used in Land Remediation?

Boreholes are drilled around the site and the gases that are released are monitored to ensure that regular data is available. All of our instruments that are used for this application feature analytical logging functions that allow critical information to be stored for further review in the future.

Why Gas Data Instruments?

Gas Data have instrumentation specifically calibrated to landfill gases, guaranteeing accuracy and reliability. Depending on the product which suits the client best the data is logged, transferred, and streamed directly to a central network.