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Gas Data leads the way in hydrogen monitoring and analysis

Gas Data leads the way in hydrogen monitoring and analysis As part of its range of reliable measurement options, gas analysers from Gas Data can measure hydrogen (H2) up to 2,000ppm, or 4% volume. ... Read more »

Syngas: What is it, how is it made & where is it used?

Syngas, or synthesis gas as it is otherwise known, consists of a wide range of other gases, and tends to be used in fermentation and pyrolysis procedures. As the name suggests, it is a man-made gas... Read more »

The Importance of Biogas Analysis & Emissions Monitoring in Water Treatment Plants

The ability to generate renewable energy from waste materials is a key aspect of sustainable development. Wastewater treatment facilities play a critical role in managing and purifying Wastewater, ... Read more »

The Power of Biogas: Transforming Waste into Energy

As the world moves towards a sustainable energy future, renewable energy sources such as biogas are becoming increasingly important. Read more »

Leading gas measurements in site investigations with the GFM 436

Land that has been previously occupied by or situated adjacent to industrial activities may be affected by contamination from chemicals and ground gas generation. Sometimes contaminants may even be... Read more »

Tackling Methane Emissions: The game changing Gazoscan methane leak detector

Methane, a potent greenhouse gas, poses a significant challenge in the fight against climate change. It is essential to identify and address methane leaks promptly to reduce its impact on our envir... Read more »

Landfill Gases: What Are They?

Landfill sites have been in the news for some time, but this is largely to do with the amount of waste that we put into them. However, a big concern should also relate to what is coming out of them... Read more »

What is Anaerobic Digestion?

Anaerobic digestion has always been a part of nature, but now we are starting to understand and make effective use of it ourselves. Read more »

A Guide to Biogas & It’s Uses

Biogas is actually one form of technology that could provide a powerful solution to many problems in a clean and efficient way. Read more »