Wastewater Gas Analysers

In an effort to reduce emissions and waste by-products, wastewater facilities deploy AD plants. Sludge from the water treatment process is used as feedstock to generate biogas, fuelling generators on site.

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Fixed Wastewater Gas Analysers

Portable Wastewater Gas Analysers

Gas Analysis in Sewage Treatment plants

Gas analysis in water and sewage treatment is essential for monitoring hazardous gases in various stages of the treatment, from pumping to sludge digestion.

The micro-organisms are used to break down sludge and scum to produce methane, carbon dioxide, water, and another solid organic by-product. The resulting product of the sludge digestion process is 70% methane which can be harnessed and utilised for various purposes.

Hazardous gases analysed in water plants

  • Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S)
  • Methane (CH4)
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Why Gas Data instruments?

Wastewater and sewage treatment is a critical national infrastructure. During the process of Sludge Digestion, the Gas Data instrument analyse the gases produced on the treatment, allowing the operation to continue their essential work in a cleaner, greener way.

Gas Data are proud suppliers of analysis equipment and ongoing maintenance to 2 of the largest water companies in the UK. The equipment deployed is essential to the running of these sites as several are self-contained – with the processes all powered by the waste by-products.