Click! Flexi

  • Click! Flexi
  • Click! Flexi

The key differentiator of this product is its flexibility. It is designed to offer total configurability throughout its lifetime, accepting retroactive upgrades as your plant evolves.

Flexi accommodates all standard features of the Click! range. Being built around our proprietary Click! Sensor Modules allows the system to be serviced rapidly, annually and with minimal plant down-time.

Acceptance of external analogue and digital signals, such as gas pressure or flow, makes integration with your plant simple via our own Data Portal or streaming directly onto a SCADA.

This model is at the core of our Click! product family. Due to its scalability and a breadth of features it offers, it is the most popular choice for our customers. The system will accept multiple sample points befitting the most demanding industrial applications. It has been successfully deployed into many applications:

  • Analyses CH4, CO2, O2, H2S, H2, CO
  • Supports multiple sample points
  • Supports dual gas range analysis for increased accuracy at low ranges
  • Automatic or manual sampling
  • Sample and purge system to extend working life of sensors
  • Internal leak detector
  • Optional analogue 4-20mA outputs with digital multiplexing
  • Supports all common industrial communications protocols
  • Data streaming directly to SCADA or to Data Portal
  • Display for diagnostics and local data access
  • Heater for operation in colder environments
  • Optional autocalibration function
  • Optional telemetry with system alerts and 24/7 online data access
  • Optional calorific value calculation
  • Optional orifice plate flow meters for gas volume calculations


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