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The Click! Light system is low-cost, fixed gas analyser. It purges the internal gas sensors after each sample, prolonging their lifespan.

This system will analyse up to 5 gases (including a balance calculation), across variety of ranges and supports up to 2 sampling points.

Gas readings can be easily accessed via physical hardware media (in CSV format) or using optional telemetry (via any web browser). The Click! Light system can be configured to sample up to 4 times per hour. A variety of system alarm outputs can be included to offer better process control.

Its small form, combined with highly efficient diaphragm suction pumps, allows the installation location to be up to 10 meters from a sample point. It requires one service annually, delivering a very low total cost of ownership.

It is designed specifically for the smaller scale anaerobic digestion plants and gasification applications where cost-effectiveness without compromising quality is essential:

  • small on-farm AD plants
  • desulphurisation
  • plantations
  • control and protection of CHP engines
  • syngas energy generation
  • research
  • Up to 5 gases measured
  • Up to 2 sample points
  • Automatic or manual sampling
  • Dual H2S measurement, pre and post scrubber
  • Gas sensor purge to prolong their working lives
  • Data logging onto accessible physical media
  • Optional analogue 4-20mA outputs
  • Supports all common industrial communications protocols
  • Display for diagnostics and data access
  • Optional telemetry with system alarms and 24/7 online data access
  • Optional calorific value calculation
  • Optional orifice plate flow meters for gas volume calculations
  • Minimum installation effort


Technical Specification Product Brochure User Manual