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  • GFM 226

The GFM226 is a portable CO2 detector for detecting people and ensure sufficient air quality in confined spaces. It measures elevated levels of CO2, and reduced levels of O2, by analysing the ambient air within the space.

Designed to be both lightweight and portable, the GFM 226 CO2 analyser is used worldwide for security operations and indoor activities.

Specialist Gas Data probes can be attached to the instrument, allowing measurements to be taken in locations that the user cannot reach, or where there are safety concerns.

The GFM 226 CO2 detector is simple to start up and easy to use. With this unit, analysis begins immediately upon deployment.

  • Security
  • Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Retail
  • Manufacturers
  • Hospitality
  • Police Forces
  • Border Security
  • Prison Offices

Eliminate the need for manual data collection and reporting with Siteman Software – a powerful tool developed in-house specifically for the GFM range. Siteman allows users to collect, analyse and store data, making an essential tool for anyone working on-site.

To download the Siteman Software, please complete the Software Download form.

  • Small, portable design that is easy to fit in one hand
  • SiteMan PC software included
  • High-contrast LCD display
  • User-swappable battery pack
  • Battery life ranging from 8 to 12 hours and 4 hours charging time
  • Charger suited to client’s country
  • Protective, weather-proof leather case
  • Supplied in ready-to-go site kit
  • User definable threshold alarm
  • Varity of measuring probe accessories available

All GFM instruments require annual service and recalibration and service.


Range Comparison Datasheet Siteman Manual

Product FAQs

  • What is a GFM 226?

    The GFM 226 is a portable low-level CO2 analyser. Using an NDIR sensor it picks up CO2 concentrations in a given space up to 10,000ppm.

  • How do I order my GFM 226?

    Before enquiring about the GFM 226, please do take a look at the instrument datasheet to view all the available expansions. The GFM 226 includes the option to include an Oxygen 0-25% sensor. When placing your enquiry, do mention whether the Oxygen expansion is required as this will factor into the final cost and lead time.

  • Who would use a GFM 226?

    The most popular application for the GFM 226 is within the security sector. The sensitivity of the NDIR sensor is such that it can pick up slight changes in CO2 levels within an enclosed space, indicating a human presence. This product can also be used to measure the ventilation within a room, such as an office space. HSE released in 2021 guidance for returning to office spaces to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID -19.

    Within this guidance, it was determined that CO2 levels of <800ppm would show that there was sufficient ventilation in an area – reducing potential airborne transmission of the virus.

  • How do I carry out monitoring with a GFM 226?

    When purchased, you will receive the following with the GFM 226:

    • Instrument.
    • Sample Pipe.
    • Battery Charger.
    • Spares Pot.
    • Allen Key.
    • USB drive with operation manual.

    The sample pipe provided is ~1m in length and includes a dust trap filter to prevent particulates entering the sensor and causing damage. Gas Data also have available external attachments for the GFM 226:- 1m Lance Probe- Under door needle probe. Attach your desired sample pipe or accessory to the inlet manifold and scroll to the sample screen. The pump will run automatically, and you will see the CO2 levels on the screen.

  • How often does my GFM 226 require servicing?

    The GFM 226 requires annual service and calibration. Please contact your supplier to organise service in good time prior to the calibration date- shown on the latest calibration certificate and on the home screen of the instrument.

  • How do I order spares/consumables for my GFM 226?

    Identify the part you require and contact the distribution partner from whom you purchased the analyser. Alternatively, visit the Gas Data website and fill in the enquiry form associated with consumables and spares.