GFM 406

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The GFM406 is an ATEX certified gas analyser, designed for a variety of applications. It is fully configurable to each client’s requirements, making it a uniquely versatile instrument.

It can be configured with infra-red channels for CH4 and CO2 analysis, with an optional LEL expansion and up to four electrochemical cells to measure any combination of O2, CO, H2S or H2. With the option of N2 balance calculation, customers can choose up to 7 gas channels.

This instrument is capable of providing three different optional pressure measurements: Atmospheric; Static (Gauge); Differential.

Optional extras to measure velocity and temperature are available.

Due to the configurable design of the GFM406, it is suited for almost any gas analysis application.

  • Biogas monitoring
  • Wastewater and Sewage treatment
  • Odour monitoring
  • Ex. Rating: EEx ib IIB T1
  • Provides measurements of up to 7 gases
  • Optional expansions to measure atmospheric, static, and differential pressures.
  • Small and portable – easily fits in one hand.
  • SiteMan PC software included
  • High-contrast LCD display
  • User-swappable battery pack
  • Battery life ranging from 8 to 12 hours and 4 hours charging time
  • Charger suited to client’s country
  • Protective, weather-proof leather case
  • Supplied in ready-to-go site kit
  • Manual and unattended data-logger with USB download
  • Optional extra of vane anemometer to measure gas velocity of 0.5 – 40m/s
  • Optional extra brass probe to measure gas temperature

All GFM instruments require annual service and recalibration and service.