Gas Data Spares

A full range of spares and accessories forour gas analysis instruments is available.

Spares for our portable analysers are listed below and we can also supply Click! System modules.

Please contact us today to place orders or if you need assistance on +44 (0) 247 630 3311 or via email:


Part no. Description
GFM Range
16457 GFM_IS Battery Pack
16480 GFM43x/610 Flow Tube
16501 GFM Siteman USB Lead Assembly
16502 GFM_IS Vane Anemometer Assembly
16503 GFM410 Short Brass Temperature Probe
16781 Leather Case GFM Series (4-hole BLACK)
16933 Black Hard Case for GFM Series (inc ART)
17204 GFM ext. filter housing assy, black, abs
17220 GFM43x/416 T-Piece Temperature Probe
17226 GFM43x Sample Tube
17227 GFM1xx/410 Sample Pipe
18728 GFM Siteman + USB lead assembly
18730 GFM43x Temp expansion inc. probe
18731 GFM410/416 Temp expansion inc. probe
18738 GFM 1/4/6xx (YEL) Charger ass. UK
18739 GFM 1/4/6xx (YEL) Charger ass. EU
18740 GFM 1/4/6xx (YEL) Charger ass. US
18741 GFM 2xx Charger ass. (RED) UK
18742 GFM 2xx Charger ass. (RED) US
18743 GFM 2xx Charger ass. (RED) EU
18750 Leather Case for GFM210 (3hole Blk)
18798 GFM2xx Lance – skipole type with pipe & filter
18810 GFM External filters (LMSp also) (pk 5)
18811 GFM Internal filters (pk 10)
18812 GFM Sample pipe connector (Male Metal) pk. 10
18813 GFM Sample pipe connectors (Female) pk. 10
18934 GFM sample tube connectors (Male Plastic) pk10
19425 GFM Gas Sampling Temperature Probe 1m long
11588 LMSXi Siteman Software
12492 LMSXi download cable
14509 LMSxi Leather case (YELLOW)
17614 LMSXi UK Charger
17715 LMSXi EU Charger
17726 LMSXi USA Charger
17986 LMSXi Vane Anemometer Assembly
18818 LMSXi PTFE (external) filter (pk 5)
18873 LMSXi Gas expansions 1-2 (fit&cal)
18874 LMSXi Gas expansions 3-4 (fit&cal)
18880 LMS sample pipe plastic connector FEMALE (pk10)
18881 LMS sample pipe plastic connector MALE (pk10)
18895 LMSXi G2 flow & pressure expansion
18896 LMSXi Siteman sw & download cable
18897 LMSXi G3 Sample tube assembly
18898 LMSXi G2 Sample tube assembly
18899 LMSXi G4 Sample tube assembly
16080 Calibration CheckGas – 103l 5%CH4, 5%CO2, 6%O2
15609 Calibration Check Gas 60% CH4 40%CO2 103l canister
16086 Calibration Check Gas – -H2S 1500ppm Bal N2 110L
18496 Calibration Check Gas – Demand Flow Regulator
Specific spares
14025 Snap Head for Mini Air 6 micro40 (Vane anemometer)
14153 A4 s/steel socket head cap screw,M3x8mm