Portable Gas Analysers

Our range of GFM portable gas analysers are the ideal choice for professionals on the move. Their ruggedised housing, ergonomic shape, light weight, and long battery life make our GFM handheld gas analysers a reliable and trusted solution for day-to-day field operation.

  • What are Portable Gas Analysers?

    What are Portable Gas Analysers?

    Portable gas analysers are handheld instruments used to monitor and analyse the composition of a variety of gaseous compounds in a range of industrial applications. Gas Data portable instruments are being used by industry leaders across globe to detect harmful gases and ensure safe working environments for those working in wide range of sectors.

  • Why choose Gas Data portable gas analysers?

    Why choose Gas Data portable gas analysers?

    An annual service interval combined with our fixed price service allow for a minimal operational disruption and cost budgeting, which in turn contribute to low total cost of ownership.

    These highly reliable portable gas analysers contain data-logging functions, feature a backlit LCD display legible in all weather conditions and are very easy to operate. Each device is delivered in a professional carry case, which includes battery charger, data download cable and all accessories.

    In addition to our service offering all of our portable instruments are:

    • ATEX certified.
    • IECEx certified.
    • UKEX certified.

    Configured to Your Needs

    GFM handheld gas analysers are available in a range of set designs that have evolved over 30 years of service in the field but can also be configured to your needs.

    Our portable gas analysers provide three types of pressure measurement: atmospheric, static, differential, and are ideally suited for a variety of technical measurements. An array of optional features such as vane anemometers for gas velocity or temperature probes are also available.

  • Where are our Portable Analysers being used?

    Where are our Portable Analysers being used?

    Our instruments are designed with a breadth of applications in mind, such as landfill monitoringbiogas analysishidden person detection and for the most demanding and hazardous applications in a range of industry sectors including renewable energy and environmental.

    For more information, feel free to get in touch with our technical Sales Team who will listen to your needs and provide the best, fit for purpose solution.