Fixed Gas Analysers

Click! systems are our flagship range of fixed gas analysers designed for a vast array of applications, including the most demanding and hazardous industrial setups. Advanced technology and modular design ensure the best possible operational efficiency and in turn, low total cost of ownership.

Our fixed gas analysers are built around the unique Click! Sensor Module that is recognised for quality, reliability and ease of operation. Click! systems offer a range of analogue and digital output signals. These implementations might include dosing systems, configuration of combined heat and power (CHP) engines or triggering system alarms.

Data Collection

All common industrial communications protocols, including PROFIBUS-DP, PROFINET and MODBUS TCP/IP are supported, meaning the fixed gas analyser will fit seamlessly into your SCADA centralised system. Our telemetry option adds a further record of data, streaming readings directly to our proprietary, cloud-based Gas Data Portal.

In the event the network connection is lost, the Click! System will store the data locally until the network connection can be restored. Our servers securely store your gas analysis information, historical and live, and allow our service engineers to provide remote diagnostics when required.

Replacement Parts

Replacement parts for the Click! fixed gas analysers can be shipped from our factory in Coventry direct to you. Internal parts can be replaced safely with ease and simplicity, eliminating or minimising plant downtime, and drastically decreasing service lead times. For the UK customers, Gas Data offer comprehensive maintenance packages to ensure your fixed gas analysers continues to run at an optimal level, every day, in every place.

Click! systems are available in a range of pre-configured designs as well as totally configurable, and retrospectively scalable models to fit your unique requirements, offering complete peace of mind.

Please get in touch with our technical Sales Team who will listen to your needs and provide the best, fit for purpose solution.

  • Industry leading, low total cost of ownership
  • Configurable system alarms for efficient process control
  • Modular design to allow retrospective upgrades as your plant evolves
  • World class gas sensors guaranteeing the best accuracy and reliability
  • Innovative sample and purge system to remove moisture content from the gas and to extend working life of the sensors
  • Fully automated operation
  • Variable number of sample points
  • Flexible and secure connectivity
  • Data telemetry for remote support, diagnostics, and easy access to historical data
  • Dual H2S measurement, pre- and post-scrubber

Our Click! fixed gas analysers have been developed to many industrial and agricultural applications, starting from renewable energy, environmental and other applications.

More specific applications information is listed under each of our Click! products on our website.

Please get in touch with our technical Sales Team who will listen to your needs and provide the best fit for purpose solution.